To be honest, his reasoning makes sense. There are people wearing numbers 11 and Mut 24 Coins, as he explains, are the pillars! Another one wears 32 which, as he explains, stands for backwards 24 that, of course, stands for 33. The score is 7-0 with one minute left. 7+5+9 = 21 plus the 10 seconds on the play timer (five seconds after the ball's snapped) also adds 10. which is 31. And everyone knows that's reversed 13. With all those numbers it's difficult not to be convinced.

The most important thing is the Raiders' defense is very poor. This is as sung by our resident Chiefs blog Arrowhead Pride:

"He'll take a shot at to tackle you here ... just to make it look great. We'll do it. Here's a shot of the lineman's tackle in the Madden NFL 24. It's certainly not the norm. He might have pulled out his shirt and lifted him off. Everything is in place. Why? Because everyone was in on it."

Sometimes, Madden NFL 24 players play each other. The Raiders frequently play this way! In fact, they were No. eleven in Madden NFL 24 in total defense in the year. (No. 11 -- what are the pillars?)

In this instance on this play, this Raiders defense are so awful it is difficult to come up with two possibilities one of which is the football explanation at the top of the page, OR, the Raiders use poor defensive football in order to demonstrate their total adherence to the dark cabal known as the Illuminati Madden 24 Coins Buy, which has complete control over every aspect of our lives.